About us

Design today must look into the future. It must deal with potential, rather than the present existing technologies. Full knowledge of the trends in technology must be part of the formation of a design for a system.

The ultimate purpose of your LAN design is to maximize efficiency, productivity & cost effective.

The functionality and upgradeability of your structured cabling system is an integral part of your design. It needs to do more than solve short-term problems. It needs to be modular and adaptable to changing technologies and user community needs. It needs to be built strong and rugged for safety, reliability and longevity.

ADON Networks can help you integrate diverse technologies and components into a seamless and fully functional LAN/WAN infrastructure. With the rapid deployment of new 10/100/1000mpbs network protocols and cabling standards, network managers are looking for flexible, scalable solutions that provide increased performance, control, and simplicity for every part of the network, while ensuring access for existing PCs and compatibility with legacy networking infrastructure.

ADON Networks will help you combine new technologies, mix and match user requirements, and build networks not only for today's needs but also far into the future. We work with architectural firms and general contractors to see a project through from concept to realization. We plan and design your network so as we can protect your investment, maximize your productivity and make your network for demands of the future.


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