About us

At Adon Networks the customer always comes first. Since 1991 this type of customer centric approach has been the foundation of our success in the marketplace. We measure our performance based on client satisfaction and our long list of tenured customers is testimony to our commitment.

Adon Networks takes a customer centric approach in serving the client. Understanding that your IT infrastructure is critical to the smooth operation of your business, we have a support structure in place to respond accordingly.

Customer Satisfaction is and always will be our focus.

Our experience in the field, our commitment to serve our clients and our strong desire to make our designs and installations aesthetically pleasing has set us apart In this blossoming industry. With a set of highly motivated employees we work towards fulfilling our motto.

We take care, although we work in a variety of challenging environments, to enhance every job by carefully planning each project to reflect our concern for safety, aesthetics and the latest technology. When we install your system, an option for your future growth is kept in mind, & looking towards advancements, which is a necessity for your business. With increasing speeds in communications and increasing bandwidths, a solid understanding of the trends in communications help us serve your needs well

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