ADON Network's primary objective is the design, installation and service of data communications systems; we specialize in custom installation that suit customer expectations.

Communication networks today are becoming increasingly complex and the demand for bandwidth is at an all time high. To meet this demand, companies must return to the basics and build and maintain a Category 5 or 6 structured cabling infrastructure that can bear the brunt of the additional bandwidth. The supporting infrastructure of any network is the physical layer. Without the proper cabling, there is no foundation and without the proper installation, your network will most likely fail. The first step toward a sound structured cabling infrastructure is hiring a company that has the knowledge, expertise and flexibility to build one. Whether it’s installing and designing a cabling infrastructure in a newly constructed building or redesigning a cabling closet for easy access and to comply with fire codes - ADON Networks has the expertise, experience and manpower to get the job done.

We take care, although we work in a variety of challenging environments, to enhance every job by carefully planning each project to reflect our concern for safety, aesthetics and the latest technology. When we install your system, an option for your future growth is kept in mind, & looking towards advancements, which is a necessity for your business. With increasing speeds in communications and increasing bandwidths, a solid understanding of the trends in communications help us serve your needs well. Our technicians are required to pass certification classes as well as on going education within the industry, utilizing all the latest in test equipment and apparatus. They are well versed in underground, buried, aerial, towers, interior and multi-dwelling unit installations, where all aspects of your communication needs are considered; including future requirements for expansion or changes.


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